Why am I here?

Because there is a need...


I am searching for a manner to "Save The World". After lifetimes of wondering - but more importantly searching - I have determined that we must, now, either seek utopia, or resign ourselves to our eventual extinction.

Based on the metrics of humanity, and our own history - guided by the mathematics composing the universe - I believe I have an idea what we must do. And not do.

Perhaps you can help me, or I can help you. All I know is that, not I, but we, must try.

But I do have a selfish angle too...

I consider this a manner in which I can assert that I exist again. After so many years in the "wilderness" it could be said that I barely exist.

I intend to rectify that mistake here...


Who am I?

A am a man. An aging man... 

I have largely grown up in a single place, though I never really stayed in a single place. Although I enjoy the still and quiet, I often find myself in motion; seeking.

I have had the benefit of experiencing the much of what the world has to offer, even throughout history; often utilizing the vast treasure troves of information and recreations that we possess.

I am not a fool, but I'm not a genius either. I'm my own words, "I am a simple man", but that may not be a very accurate statement...

Why was this site created?

Bluntly stated, this site was created as a blog and storefront.

Once upon a time a confused boy began looking at the world. He grew into a man with a useful brain. He then wrote a book of what he learned.


This site is where he sells that book. But it is also a tool in which he can try to effect the world.

Image by NASA

I am not a god, nor can I clearly see the far reaches of what the future by be. Thus I cannot be held responsible for others insights or actions. I wish others to do what is well and good, but in no way compel them to do so. Even if later words I may write or speak may seem to contradict this. Act rationally humans, think ethically. I pray that is enough to protect you from yourselves. And I further hope that this disclaimer is never needed.