I have no idea what I am doing. At least I feel that way. A positive is that I probably know more than I am willing to give myself credit for. Another is I can always learn. But yeah. From what form we go forward, or don't. That is my disclaimer. Not wholly inspiring, is it? That's ok. We can't always be charging in like Galahad, now can we?

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I am presently working on three pamphlets that I think bear information useful to humanity. The first of these is a Civilian Basis Training program, similar to Military training, but aimed to personal

One of the first critiques I received about the data in my book came from the third paragraph of the third chapter; Human Development Assisted. In it I stated that a female should consider her own hea

No really. It appears I wrote a book. It was quite by accident really. You see, long ago - when I was younger - I was a little confused. I decided to learn a little about this world, and promptly got