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I Wrote a Book!

No really. It appears I wrote a book. It was quite by accident really. You see, long ago - when I was younger - I was a little confused. I decided to learn a little about this world, and promptly got really confused. But that triggered a life long passion to figure out exactly what the hell is going on - really - with this world of ours, and how to live in a manner that can take advantage of most of the wonders, while avoiding most of the horrors.

So I wrote a book about what I learned. Primarily it is focused on raising humans throughout their lifespan, and the manners in which to organize their societies. It is a vague book, but only because it has so much to cover. Because of that breadth, and the brevity in which it was written, there are things I did not mention, or breezed over unfairly.

One of the advantages of this website is that you can now ask those questions. And I can become aware that people are asking those questions. The topic of the book is deadly serious. So I have no problem explaining what I may have failed to originally. In fact, I would prefer to...

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