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Paternal Pre-birth Health

One of the first critiques I received about the data in my book came from the third paragraph of the third chapter; Human Development Assisted. In it I stated that a female should consider her own health before conception. The rationale is that - as the conceived will be using the mother as an incubator - it is very important that the female is healthy upon conception. I stated that she should have an acceptable body weight, and all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in her system that the developing child will require. This can prevent outcomes such as anemia during pregnancy, a premature birth, obstructed labor, or postpartum hemorrhaging.

That is all correct. However, I did not mention men. Men don't have to act as an incubator, so our role is much easier at this stage. It does not make us responsibility-less though. We have to worry about our sperm health. This can be done much in the same way as with women, by eating well - and healthy - and keeping an acceptable body weight. This would be done at least 2 or 3 months before conception, just as with women.

I should mention that there is also the matter of exercise. During the 2 to 3 month period the to-conceive couple are preparing, they should increase their physical activities to a healthy level; granted they are not already physically active. This will have similar effects to eating well; preparing the body for the ordeal that is about to be embarked on.

So here's a quick overview. The quality of a female's eggs cannot really be meaningfully improved in several months. The ability for a female to carry a child can be improved over several months by securing an acceptable body weight, and proper nutrition. The quality of a males sperm can also be meaningfully changed by the same methodology. Though I didn’t mention it prior, both parties benefit from reduced stress during this time; stress management is a bit trickier than simply securing good food though.

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