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So I have purchased a website. I'm not sure how this is going to help me save the world, but it does put me out there in the world a little further. I can also sell things here. So, soon I may be able to add "merchant" to my class list. I digress. The main reasons I wanted a storefront was to be able to distribute my e-, audio-, and text-book. Wix offered me all these things. Being a novice of web design, "the Geocities of 2020", as I have heard it called, is more than enough for me for now. I should add that there us a forums, and also a contact me section. That is about the end of the sites functionality that I have planned though. I simply needed a platform to post my ideas, and offer the things I have created on that journey. This is the beginning of a much larger plan, but one that will requires great growth first. I doubt I can save the world as a mere peasant...

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